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About Us

A community-centric NFT marketplace where everyone can buy, mint, and list NFTs.

FabriikX is one of the first NFT marketplaces of its kind. Built on the power of the BSV blockchain, FabriikX offers expertly curated exclusive content from top creators within arts, sports and music, as well as NFTs from the best creative minds in our community. To us, NFTs are much more than just digital collectibles - they are experiences that connect collectors with the creators and communities they care about most.

The People behind FabriikX

Fabriik is made up of a group of innovators who are passionate about the opportunities an interconnected network of cryptocurrency products will bring to the world of finance. We see a better future for finance - where everything is digital, and anything is possible - where you can have full visibility of your money, all in one place, and it’s easy to invest, trade, grow, and transform, your assets, your way. We’re building the tools to make this possible, so that anyone can grow and spread their wealth, whether you’re just starting to explore crypto or you’re fully invested in the advancement of blockchain technology.


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If you believe an NFT on the FabriikX platform has been copied in a way that constitutes intellectual property rights infringement, please notify Fabriik’s designated copyright agent by completing and submitting this form. We will take down works in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) takedown notices and/or other intellectual property infringement claims.

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